1965 Epiphone Olympic Cherry Finish Guitar


Here we have one of the original Epiphone designs and not a Gibson hand‑me‑down. It is an all-original 1965 Epiphone Olympic with a single pickup and presented in a cherry finish with a lovely aged patina.

That single‑sided ‘batwing’ headstock shape looks just so right on this model. After Gibson acquired their main competitor in 1957, they manufactured both brands to the same high standards at their factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A. Some Epiphone guitars were effectively just rebadged versions of existing Gibson models while others, like this one, remained true to their roots, making them much rarer and way cooler than the Gibson ‘copies’.

This lovely guitar is all‑Epiphone and shares its main characteristics with other Epiphone designs like the Coronet, Crestwood and Wilshire. The common factor here is that, unlike its siblings, it uses the Gibson Melody Maker pickup in the bridge position. These pickups are hugely underrated and are actually great little single coils with a unique funky voice all of their own, perfect for Blues/Funk/Garage/Rock.

The thin slab mahogany body is comfortably lightweight and, like a Gibson SG, upper neck access is a doddle because of where the neck joins the body. This guitar is in great condition, with minor signs of play wear and is fitted with the original Maestro vibrato.

All our guitars are available to view and play at Sandrock House upon request. Please contact us for more information.

Delivery: £60