Crutchley Map of London


A fascinating piece of historic London, this is Cruchley's New Plan of London including East & West India Docks circa 1827.

Extending from Hammersmith in the west to the East India docks in the east and Pentonville in the north to Walworth in the south. London was rapidly extending at this time and that rate would increase further as the railways began to spread but it was still only a short walk from Hyde Park to open fields.

George Frederick Cruchley (1796 - 1880) was a successful map publisher in the middle part of the 19th century, setting up his business in the early 1820's. His maps were clear and well engraved and he was very successful throughout his business career.

This map is a republished print on parchment, dissected and laid onto cloth; mounted in a distressed black frame with a gold trim.


W 199cm

H 109cm