Gibson SG Junior 1968/1969 Guitar. Made in USA


In 1966, the SG Junior went through a minor redesign along with the rest of the SG guitars. Models from 1966 onward make use of a larger pickguard which crosses the single P-90 pickup and goes about halfway into the upper body and the factory vibrola which was an option before was made standard equipment.

This is a players grade guitar which has been restored and refinished in a period Sunburst, presumably in the 70’s as it now exhibits some rather fetching lacquer checking) Unfortunately the Serial number on the back of the headstock has been sanded down for the refinish and is just about visible with a black light.
There are the common ‘snake bite’ holes in the body where in it’s past is a Walrus tooth wiggle stick would have been fitted and the Tuners have been switched out to Grovers so it presents some small holes in rear of headstock.

This particular SG is fitted with a very strong sounding P-90 pickup and presents a very big neck profile so is an absolute joy to play, amazing instruments with notable players including  Tony Iommi, Angus Young, Derek Trucks and Jeff Tweedy. Comes with a period Gibson hard shell case.  


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Delivery: £60