A superb triptych map of 'Life and Labour' in London circa 1889

Charles Booth (1840 - 1916), born in Liverpool, was a social reformer who contributed to 'Inquiry into Life and Labour in London', a three edition survey (the final edition being 17 volumes) describing the income, social class, conditions of employment, workhouses, causes of pauperism, effects of poverty, and religious, social, and moral influences in Victorian London between the years 1886 - 1903. Alongside the written reports a series of maps were also published detailing the wage levels and conditions of London's inhabitants street by street. This series is the first edition published in 1889, a further series of 12 maps were published 10 years later.

The streets are coloured according to the general condition of the inhabitants (as the key).
Black - Lower class. Vicious, semi criminal
Dark Blue - Very poor, casual. Chronic want.
Light Blue - Poor. 18s - 21s. a week for a moderate family.
Purple -Mixed. Some comfortable, others poor.
Pink - Fairly comfortable. Good ordinary earnings.
Red - Well-to-do. Middle class.
Yellow - Upper-middle and upper classes. Wealthy.

Sizeable and special, mounted in a beautifully distressed black frame with a gold trim. 

Each section measures:

H:185cm; Panel 1 W:86cm; Panel 2: W76cm; Panel 3: W76cm

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