Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS80R Guitar Amplifier


Here we have a Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS80R Guitar Amplifier, presented in very good condition and in perfect working order. It's been very well kept/maintained has doesn't suffer from any crackling knobs/pots, humming or buzzing.

As you would expect it has the odd blemish/mark here and there but is structurally perfect and sounds amazing!

  • Independent channels for Microphone, Magnetic Auxiliary and Transducer.
  • Active EQ on each channel.
  • Balanced XLR input on the Microphone channel.
  • A Shift switch re-voices the Magnetic Auxiliary channel from suitability for drum machines or backing tapes, to clean electric guitar.
  • Anti feedback filters and Pick Attack controls on the Transducer channel.
  • Pedal level effects loop on the Transducer channel.
  • Stereo Reverb.
  • Stereo analogue Chorus.
  • Stereo Effects Loop and Line Out.
  • 40 Watts output per side into custom designed 10'' speakers and Piezo tweeter for added top end crispness

Delivery £45