1990s Teisco SPECTRUM 5 Guitar - Made in Japan



A 1990's Teisco Spectrum 5 in exceptional, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. A very rare 1st run reissue made by Kawai in Japan (not the current Ikebe model) and discontinued long ago, this guitar is a significantly more accurate and finely crafted version of the Spectrum 5 than the current Eastwood reissues, with the correct 4x2 tuner orientation on the headstock, deep German Carve on the body contours, and large chrome vibrato unit with Teisco-branded cover.

It's uncommon for a reissue instrument to excel beyond the features and playability of the original example, but the Teisco Spectrum reissues are those rare instruments that truly do improve on their predecessors, with tighter tolerances, better fit and finish work, and more reliable, better machined hardware.

The trio of original Z coil pickups are bright and percussive, with plenty of snap and hollow twang. The five two-way switches allow for a wide variety of tonal choices (and inspired the name for the guitar), in addition to a sixth switch that toggles between Mono and Stereo operation. With a solid mahogany body and slab rosewood fretboard with distinctive pearloid T inlays. The headstock features Teisco's 1960s-style metal disc logo as well as a set of chrome tuning machines that hold pitch well.

All of the electronics work as intended, and the chrome plating on the hardware is positively gleaming, with the only patina of note on the pickup pole pieces. Plastic parts are equally clean, including the raised Spectrum 5 badge and multi-colored two-way pickup switches. The vibrato actuates very easily, with a smooth, quick response, and the unit retains its large cover and Teisco disc logo.


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Delivery: £60